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arms scrapbook

unless otherwise noted, all photos are copyright © 2000 by Catherine Sebastian.

Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center, May 1999

From left: Benson Sebastian, Pete Caigan, Paul Winkler

Tribe 1 (Diane Spann-Miller, Jonathan Snipes, Niyonu Spann, and Cedric Spann-Miller) joined us for several songs...

Salt Notice release party

At the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center, August 1999.

John Sebastian gets down with us for "Old, Man." The background is a set for a musical they were doing at the PAC earlier that day. I wish all our stages had irrelevant sets on them.

Urban Sundial photo-shoot, Brooklyn, 1997

These shots were taken in our old neighborhood, back when we were a two-piece recording outfit.
...home ...salt notice ...urban sundial ...label 12 13 ...contacts ...scrapbook

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